Digital Art Studio Iregular Unveils Cutting-Edge Exhibition about Our Environmental Impact

Digital art studio Iregular takes its most ambitious project yet to cities around the world, transforming public spaces into interactive museums. Through a five-part experience, OUR COMMON HOME leads the public on a journey where they explore their relationship with the planet. After its recent passage in Minneapolis, it’s now presented at the renowned Music Center in Los Angeles until Earth day (April 22nd).

Engaging theme, innovative format

Reviving cities, parks and neighbourhoods, the on-site exhibition invites the audience to influence four digital artworks presented on giant 4x4m LED monoliths. Custom-built by fabrication and touring partners JackWorld, these digital cubes are modular and respond to different contexts and space requirements. The result is an adaptable touring gallery hosting a walkthrough exhibition that visitors can physically engage with.

The groundbreaking project utilises CURSOR, the studio’s proprietary tracking technology that is touchless, long-range, and integrates state-of-the-art AI and computer vision systems. Through face, hand, or full body interaction, OUR COMMON HOME meshes audience behaviour with that of nature, creating unique tableaux under one overarching metaphor: our individual decisions have a global impact. 


“Through our work, we always aim to attract crowds, make people reflect, and generate emotions and lasting impact. It was inevitable for us to use these attributes for the global good and lend our voice and platform to one of the most important current issues threatening our very existence.” said Daniel Iregui, founder of Iregular.

The first chapter of the exhibition, ‘CREATURES’, is a paradoxical allegory for both human interference in the animal kingdom and the fascinating wonders of nature. ‘PRODUCTS’ mirrors our increasing contribution to global waste and consumerist culture, while ‘ICEBERGS’ is a melancholic spectacle of the vanishing polar ice caps. Finally, ‘TELESCOPES’ reminds us that humans are also part of the environmental chain of influence.

A global collective artwork

The Iregular team has now enhanced the physical exhibition by extending it online and inviting global audiences to take part remotely. The web-app features a map to guide audiences through the physical circuit, as well as a fifth collaborative online artwork titled ‘THE SUN’, symbolising collective consciousness. You can access the online experience here and take part in its ever-evolving creation.

All chapters follow the studio’s ‘never finished’ ethos – participants’ reactions influence the art just as much as the art influences them. The works are never-ending, and it is only their relationship with the people that gives them meaning. 


On tour

OUR COMMON HOME has so far toured Chicago, Montreal, and Dubai in its prototype form, and has since made its way to Minneapolis for the full reveal. You can see the exhibition for yourself at The Music Centre in Los Angeles where it will be hosted until April 22nd. If you’d like to bring OUR COMMON HOME to your city, get in touch with Olivier Gagnon, Iregular’s Head of Business Development and Global Partnerships, at [email protected]

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.


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