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DEFER’s first-ever UK exhibition opens at Woodbury House.

Los Angeles street art pioneer Alex ‘DEFER’ Kizu showcases new works in highly anticipated UK debut exhibition ‘Spiritual Language’ at Woodbury House.

‘Spiritual Language’ showcases a series of new works presenting the visual dialect of DEFER’s subconscious mind, body and spirit, immersed in the process of painting. His signature graffiti aesthetic, letter form and free-flowing, gestural brush strokes convey a ‘Spiritual Language’ symbolic of tongues, as complex structured text and word play are intricately layered to mask hidden messages within each artwork.

This exhibition is a representation of my unique approach to artmaking, showcasing a diverse range of paintings that feature a multitude of letter forms and styles. Each piece embodies what I term as “Spiritual Language,” which also serves as the title of the show


Born in the Boyle Heights neighbourhood of Los Angeles, DEFER’s characteristic obliterated letter form echo’s the language of his birthplace as abstract frantic structures flow organically with multi-layered of typography, cultural motifs, and complex patterning.

As a first-generation pioneering member of the LA graffiti scene founding respected crews K2S, STN & KGB, DEFER’s work stems from his culture connection to graffiti and the urban landscape, representing a profound artistic language distorting the lines between street art and fine art.

DEFER has an impressive track record of collaborations with brands such as Beats by Dre and the LA Lakers, alongside showcasing work in prestigious institutions such as Getty Museum, LA Louvre, MOCA and ‘Beyond The Street’ exhibition.

‘Spiritual Language’ marks DEFER’s first solo exhibition in the UK, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to view his latest works up close and personal.

‘Spiritual Language” represents a sublime state of being or “flow state” that I enter while creating my paintings. It is in this state that my brush and paint flow freely on various surfaces, leading to the obliteration of structured form and the emergence of a transcendent language that has no limits.

To me, art is a medium of boundless expression that transcends conventional boundaries. As such, this exhibition represents an eclectic array of styles, angles, and modes, showcasing the limitless possibilities of artistic expression’. – DEFER

‘Spiritual Language’ exhibition will be open to the public from 28th April 2023 – 25th May 2023
*Please note that this exhibition is by appointment only. To make an appointment contact the gallery via email at [email protected]



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