Dad turns comic book collection into business in Tiverton

A new comic book store has opened its doors on Angel Hill in Tiverton, offering a wide range of comics, graphic novels, and collectibles for fans of all ages and genres. Retro Comics is owned by Phillip Cross, 40, who has been collecting comics since he was 15 years old. He decided to open his own shop after his collection grew too large and his customers encouraged him to pursue his passion.

“I’ve been collecting since I was 15 years old and my collection got too big, so I started pursuing with market stalls, but a lot of my customers were saying I needed a shop as I had too much stuff and too much stock. I just kept pursuing and now I’ve got a shop,” he said.

Phillip, who has lived in Tiverton on and off for the last 15 years and has three children aged twelve, nine, seven, said his love of comics started as a child when he received Beano subscriptions every week through the post.

“It sort of progressed from there to the naughty school boys then to super heroes. It’s absolutely amazing to have a shop and I’m really excited. We’ve got DC, Marvel and independent publishers. I’m supporting independent art artists as well and Kickstarter programs. I’ll have new releases, collectibles,key issues, and everything from the 1960s to the present day. It’s a big treasure trove here so you can come down to find all your hidden gems,” he said.

Retro Comics has opened on Angel Hill in Tiverton

Phillip plans to use digital and social media to promote his business and reach more customers. He also hopes to attend conventions and events in the future.

He said he chose Angel Hill as the location for his shop because of the synergy with other nearby businesses that cater to similar interests.

“There’s a big crossover of businesses here now. You’ve got Bridge Troll Hobbies two doors up who does the Pokemon, board games and cards and I now cover the comic side of things. We’re all working together. Then you’ve got T-shirtMe up the road and Steve there does all the Marvel and superhero stuff, covering the clothing side of it,” he said.

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