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Embracing the Future: Christie’s Digital Leap

New York’s esteemed auction house, Christie’s, is ushering in a new era of art collecting with its upcoming First Open online sale, slated for December 4-14, 2023. This event marks a significant milestone in the intertwining paths of traditional art and cutting-edge technology. Here, we delve into the highlights of this sale and the pivotal role of NFTs in shaping the future of art.

A Diverse Palette of Masterpieces

The First Open sale is a testament to the rich tapestry of Post-War and Contemporary artwork. It features an eclectic mix of artists, from Kenneth Noland to Gerhard Richter and Yoshitomo Nara. Notably, Kenneth Noland’s “Rushing,” an acrylic masterpiece painted in 1969, leads the sale with an estimate of $150,000 – 200,000.

Property from the Orange Blossom Collection GERHARD RICHTER (b. 1932) Untitled gouache, watercolor and graphite on paper Executed in 1984. Estimate: $70,000-100,000

The Intersection of Sports and Art

A unique highlight is the 1964 portrait of Matt Snell by Ernie Barnes. This piece not only captures the essence of the celebrated football player but also symbolizes the intersection of sports, art, and personal history, underlining the diverse range of artworks featured in this sale.

Property from the Estate of Betty Weisberger LARRY RIVERS (1923-2002) Drugstore II oil and charcoal on canvas Painted in 1959. Estimate: $60,000-80,000

Pioneering NFT Art by Diana Sinclair

Among the traditional artworks, Diana Sinclair’s “Black Lagoon” stands out as a pioneering NFT piece. This cyanotype photograph, minted on-chain, represents a breakthrough in how digital art is perceived and valued in the contemporary market. It’s a vivid illustration of Christie’s commitment to embracing technological advancements in art.

ERNIE BARNES (1938-2009) Matt Snell, New York Jets oil on canvas Painted in 1966. Estimate: $50,000-70,000

Christie’s 3.0: A New Era of Digital Auctions

Christie’s 3.0, the platform for exceptional NFT art, is a significant leap into the digital realm. This initiative underscores the auction house’s foresight in recognizing the potential of blockchain technology in transforming the art world.

DIANA SINCLAIR (B. 2004) Black Lagoon cyanotype photograph on fabric Executed in 2023 and minted on 6 November 2023. This work is unique and accompanied by a non-fungible token. Estimate: $25,000-35,000


Christie’s First Open sale is a groundbreaking event blending traditional and digital art realms, featuring masterpieces from renowned artists and pioneering NFT artworks. It’s a reflection of the evolving art market and Christie’s commitment to innovation.

Featured Image: KENNETH NOLAND (1924-2010)
acrylic on canvas
Painted in 1969.
Estimate: $150,000-200,000 .

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