Bury Banksy praised after creating ‘leaning tower of Radcliffe Road’ street art

An artist nicknamed ‘the Bury Banksy’ has received praise from residents after his latest ‘rush job’ art piece turned up in the borough this morning.

The artist, otherwise known as Paul Horrocks, shared a photo of the street art installation on his Facebook page this morning with the caption: “Just got bored and done this on Radcliffe Road. Rush job.”

For the installation, Paul drew over a slanted pillar in the middle of a pathway on the Bury road to make it look more like Italy’s recognisable monument, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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Speaking to the M.E.N today (April 22), Paul, from Redvales, said the inspiration for most of his work, like this recent one, will just come to him at the time.

“I just walked past it last night, as it’s near to where I live, and I thought it looked a bit like the Leaning Tower of Pisa,” he explained. “It’s not my best work by a mile – it only took about ten minutes to do – but it’s a bit of fun, isn’t it.”

The 'leaning tower of Radcliffe Road' by the Bury Banksy
The ‘leaning tower of Radcliffe Road’ by the Bury Banksy

Paul, who has been creating outside art for about six years, mostly shares his work online on his Facebook page to his 5,000 followers.

Responding to the latest work, one follower described it as “fantastic”, whilst another said: “Very clever, love it”. Another person said: “This is class”, while one other wrote: “I’d love seeing stuff like this I’d pull over and take pics!”

Paul said some of his other recent projects include an anti-knife crime art installation in Boothstown, which was featured on BBC News, and work with local schools.

The Bury Banksy has created thousands of street art and canvas pieces
The Bury Banksy has created thousands of street art and canvas pieces

“I’ve been called the Bury Banksy before by the Manchester Evening News and I’ve just ran with it,” he explained of his local moniker. “I just do that style of art – it keeps people happy and I’ve managed to get a good following from it.

“I also paint canvases but the work outside is free for people to see and enjoy.”


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