Boost your repeat and referral business in three steps


Real estate agents and brokers, if you could choose where your next listing is coming from, wouldn’t you always answer, “repeat or referral business?”  

Of course, you would. 

Repeat and referral clients are easier to work with. They already know, love and trust you. You’re probably not going to compete for their business. And, they are less likely to throw objections at you! Also, they don’t ask you to cut your commission or shoot them a kickback.  

So if you wish to boost your repeat and referral business ASAP, it’s time to  embrace three specific steps:  

Create a database

Have an organized database with names, numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other contact information on each client. You don’t need a fancy CRM. Call each person to update the rest of their profile. It’s a great excuse to make that first — or next — contact. Use your F-O-R-D (family, occupation, recreation, dreams) conversation outline to make these calls fruitful. Refer to our podcasts and other articles about how to speak with your sphere of influence.  

Speak with all of your contacts regularly.

That means face-to-face or voice-to-voice real contact. A contact is a conversation with a decision-making adult about real estate. For example, if you have 200 people in your database and you speak with 10 per day on work days, you can actually speak to 100% of your list every single month. What would that do to your repeat and referral business? If 10 is too many, start with five contacts per day and you will speak with 100% of your list every sixty days.  

Expand your center of influence systematically. 

10% of the people in your database will do business with you or refer business to you every year, assuming you communicate with them. If your database is 100 people strong, you’ll have 10 transactions from them yearly. 200 people could mean 20 transactions, and so forth. Smaller is better. Don’t dump random leads into your database. Past clients, friends, family, neighbors and people in your sphere of influence belong on this list. You can have a second list of your professional center of influence that includes lenders, title professionals, painters, insurance representatives etc.  

To expand your center of influence contacts, try these three approaches:

a) Things you like to do anyway

This list could include your hobbies, sports teams, arts and culture events, fitness routine or going on organized hikes. You’ll be around like-minded people, talking about mutual interests. Use to find things that interest you. Try out new clubs to expand your contacts.  

b) Business networking 

For the sake of networking. Business Network International, the Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, entrepreneurs club, investors clubs, and more are all great ways to meet new professional contacts.  

c) Charitable events.

Auctions, food drives, toy drives, fundraisers, school and church events are all great for a multitude of reasons. You’ll be around philanthropic-minded wealthy patrons of these events, expanding your sphere into neighborhoods you may not yet be working in, meeting interesting people and networking at a high level.  

It’s also important to get into the habit of immediately adding new contacts to your smartphone contacts, then emailing their name to yourself so you can get them into your CRM. Add a note in your contacts to remind yourself how you met them. For example: ‘Sherry Seller. Met at Orange Theory. Married, three kids, and a fish. Moved to Austin from Chicago.’  

Most importantly, remember that in order for these tips to become predictable, duplicatable sources of business, you add more contacts and touch base with them more frequently to achieve that flow of leads.  

Tim and Julie Harris host a podcast for real estate professionals. Tim and Julie of Premier Coaching have been real estate coaches for more than two decades, coaching the top agents in the country through different types of markets.

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