BETTER MLS: The Future ‘Amazon of Real Estate’ Evolves Service Offerings

Despite a sluggish property market in 2024 due to high mortgage rates and price inflation, Miami-based proptech startup BETTER MLS has been quietly preparing for the industry’s coming digital future by developing a new suite of cloud-based services for the real estate industry.

Scheduled to launch next year, BETTER MLS will first introduce its new consumer-facing Search Engine and consolidated marketplace for all categories of active real estate listings that will be highly integrated with customized mortgage solutions and other related services for the U.S. property market. Additionally, the company now plans to offer enterprise-caliber Cloud Services that are custom-tailored to large corporate real estate clients, landlords and institutions.

Situated at the intersection of Silicon Valley search, AI, and retailing technologies — once launched — BETTER MLS will operate two national business units: Digital Marketplaces and Cloud Services.


Michael Gerrity

Founder Michael Gerrity stated, “We got our new Cloud Services inspiration from Jeff Bezos’ smart strategy to create AWS years ago, which has significantly boosted Amazon’s overall revenues ever since. Similarly, we are creating a new suite of subscription-based Cloud Services and digital infrastructure offerings for a different segment of the real estate market that now includes large homebuilders, developers, institutional landlords and investors, banks, governments, and even real estate associations themselves.”

BETTER MLS’ newly formed Cloud Services division will provide Private-label Marketplace Services and API Data Services to the enterprise segment of the U.S. property industry.

Gerrity added, “As we continue to design, develop, and enhance our B2C and B2B platforms and marketplaces using AI, Data and other advanced technologies, we aim to become America’s dominate online consumer ‘Shopping Engine’ for all things real estate — positioning ourselves as the future ‘Amazon of Real Estate’.”

BETTER MLS is a subsidiary business unit of World Property Ventures, a private holding company with offices in Miami, Fl and Irvine, Ca that funds, develops, owns and operates a global portfolio of disruptive Listings, News, Data and Signals Intelligence platforms for the $300+ trillion addressable global property market.

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