Battle Mountain High School art students to showcase their works Friday at gallery opening in Edwards

Battle Mountain High School art student Ash Larsen used digital art as a medium to complete her year-long project.
BMHS AP Art and Design class/Courtesy photo

After a school year’s worth of working on their projects, art students at Battle Mountain High School are ready to reveal their works on Friday at the Bookworm gallery space in Edwards from 4 to 7 p.m.

The art show highlights the portfolios of students in the AP Art and Design class, Battle Mountain’s college-level studio art class where students submit portfolios to college boards to be assessed on a 1-5 scale like any other AP test to earn college credits. Students choose from completing a 3D portfolio (any 3D materials), 2D portfolio (design-based and photography), or Drawing Portfolio (traditional or digital materials).

There are 19 students, a mix of juniors and seniors, displaying their work this year showcasing a variety of mediums.  

“This year we have mainly Drawing Portfolios with some 2D mixed in. Students used digital art, photography, linoleum printmaking, oil paint, acrylic, pencil, pen, colored pencil … a little bit of everything,” said Max DeVito, the art teacher at Battle Mountain High School.

Battle Mountain High School student Hailey Grant used acrylic and a paint pen to create her piece that will be on display at the Bookworm back gallery space in Edwards from 4 to 7 p.m. on Friday.
BMHS AP Art and Design class/Courtesy photo

At the beginning of the school year, the students pick the topic their art will convey, then they work with practice materials and start to experiment and dig deeper in their investigation all year long with teacher and peer guidance to create a personal, meaningful portfolio. Topics of their investigations this year include defining self-worth, intimacy, what mental health really looks like, religion and light, past trauma and current identity, femininity, multiple personalities, safe and unsafe places, and body image. 

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“It’s quite the journey as they are self-guided and have to create their work and ideas completely on their own. Many students switch focuses throughout the year due to experimentation and interest,” DeVito said.

Battle Mountain High School student Angel Castrejon is one of 19 juniors and seniors who will be showcasing their art projects now through May 23.
BMHS AP Art and Design class/Courtesy photo

The art will be on display until May 23, but DeVito said the Bookworm back gallery space is not always staffed and unlocked to the public.

“There are mostly private events in the space following the event, so it’s highly recommended for the public to come Friday night if they want to see it,” she said.

The Bookworm back gallery space is located on the back side of the building in Riverwalk between the Bookworm and the Etown restaurant. Stop by the event on Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. and interact with the artists and enjoy some light snacks.

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