Banksy ‘disciple’ displays latest street art in Glasgow city centre

A world renowned Italian street artist has used Glasgow city centre as his newest canvas.

TVBOY, real name Salvatore Benintende, has taken to social media to post his newest pieces which are located near Union Street and Argyle Street.

Many have dubbed the man “the Banksy of Barcelona”, and some have called him a ‘disciple’ of the famous illusive artist, who currently has an exhibition open in Glasgow.

Much like the Bristolian, TVBOY’s pieces tend to have a political undertone and his work in the Scottish city is no different.

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One of the murals show William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson in Braveheart, holding an EU flag. The Italian calls this piece ‘European heart.’

He posted a video of himself sneaking a smaller version of the street art into the Gallery of Modern Art and putting it on the wall next to Banksy’s work.

European Heart
European Heart

The most recent piece, ‘The Legend of the Pied Piper’, depicts a hooded figure, with a Banksy logo on his chest, leading three rats holding flags with CHRISTIES, Sotheby’s and PHILLIPS written on them.

The individual is also holding a flute, much like the mythical story.

TVBOY has wrote his name at the corner of the piece in red.

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