Author Chad Corrie to appear in Ames Saturday with new novel, prepares for graphic novel

Chad Corrie’s new novel, “The Shadow Regent,” was released March 21. The author will be in Ames from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Books-a-Million, where he will have an informal book signing and meet-and-greet.

Author Chad Corrie is the creator of worlds.

His recent fantasy novel, “The Shadow Regent,” was released in March and delves into the world of the gods and mortals of the planet Tralodren, where the Northern and Southern hemispheres are separated by the Boiling Sea.

The formidable equator has prevented inhabitants of the planet’s halves from communicating with each other for nearly 7,000 years.

“‘The Shadow Regent’ is a standalone book, but it does have some connections to ‘The Wizard King’ trilogy, which is the series I finished up about two years ago,” Corrie said.  

Chad Corrie will be in Ames, Des Moines on Saturday

Corrie, a Minnesota-based fantasy novelist, creator of comics and graphic novelist, will be in Ames from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Books-a-Million to sign books and to host an informal meet-and-greet with readers.

“I’ll be there talking to people, and I’ll get to answer questions — just basically a very-low key, fun type of experience, hanging out and talking with folks,” he said.

Corrie will also visit both Barnes & Noble bookstore locations in Des Moines Saturday to sign books the stores have in stock.

Each of Corrie’s projects stand independently on their own but there is a benefit to reading both, he said.

Chad Corrie's new novel,

“It’s set in the world of Tralodren, which is a fantasy universe. It’s dealing with the higher cosmic level of things such as the gods, the planes of reality and different things of that nature,” Corrie said. “You get different people’s scheming and plotting and see their different agendas.”

Corrie is the author of some young adult fiction, but this novel is written for adult readers.

“There’s nothing really gratuitous or adult-oriented in that nature, so it’s basically like a PG-13 rating,” he said.

Corrie’s new Viking squirrel graphic novel releases in May

Corrie’s repertoire covers a variety of genres, including fiction, comics and graphic novels.

Chad Corrie's graphic novel,

His upcoming graphic novel, “Sons of Ashgard: Ill Met in Elmgard,” will be in comic shops May 10 and in bookstores May 30.

“It’s about a bunch of Viking squirrels,” Corrie said. “It has an animation aesthetic to it. It’s a fun, action-adventure kind of story.”

Corrie is also a podcaster, with several streaming titles — some that cover the worlds he’s created and some that have tips for writers and how they can develop their own fictional worlds.

The podcasts and details about his work, such as a section devoted to all things Tralodren, are available on his website, He can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @creatorchad.

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