ArtWalk highlights include pottery, wood burning and graffiti

ArtWalk Downtown Billings hosts its fourth event of the 2023 Season on Friday, August 4 in downtown Billings.

ArtWalk locations across downtown will be open from 5 to 9 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) to host exhibits and feature artists from Billings and the region. A mobile-friendly map and more information about the June 2 event, including images and gallery notes, can be found at and on Facebook and Instagram @billingsartwalk

One-time Event Participants include:

● Collaborative Art Project with Canvas Creek Team Building, Valley Credit Union, and Big Sky Economic Development

All ArtWalk events are free. Many locations host music and offer light refreshments. Often, artists attend and present gallery talks. There are a variety of parking options in the downtown area, including free on-street metered parking after 5 p.m.

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Gallery notes and locations

Tyson Middle paints on the side of a metal building

Tyson Middle paints on the side of a metal building owned by a downtown business on June 10. The business had struggled with vandalism and commissioned Middle’s work.

A&E Design, 124 N. 29 St. Join A&E Design for ArtWalk on Friday, August 4th from 5 to 9 pm for a lively, thought-provoking night of urban art and music, featuring the bold, dynamic work of graffiti artist Tyson Middle. Middle’s work adds elaborate explosions of vibrant color, social commentary, and self-expression to the intersections of public and private spaces. His community influence and commission-focused approach help legitimize graffiti as a legal medium, transform infrastructure into canvases, and nurture local youth’s creative talents and bright futures.

Adding to the energetic atmosphere, the evening’s soundtrack will be courtesy of DJ N-ER-G, a 20-year mix-making veteran. Music begins at 5:30.

We look forward to seeing you Friday, August 4th from 5 to 9 pm at ArtWalk!

Aspinwall - Jessica Brophy - Aurora.jpg

“Aurora” by Jessica Brophy. 

Aspinwall, 103 N. Broadway, hosts Trevan Hiersche, Sean McCotter, and Jessica Brophy during the August ArtWalk.

Brophy does art differently. She makes custom art, which means she works one-on-one with each of her clients to create a painting or drawing around their style and what they love. Her pet portraits are wildly popular!

Enjoy free beer and local art. We’ll see you there!

Barjons Books, 223 N. 29th St. Danielle Egnew and Rebecca Douglas will share Barjon’s Artwalk space in a joint show. Both award-winning artists, Egnew’s captivating oil works have sold worldwide, and Douglas’ eye for light is making its debut from photography to oils. Wine and cider provided.

Billings First Congregational Church (BFC), 310 N. 27th St., will feature the original works of N. African artist Paul Joseph Louis Fenasse, who was born in Mustapha, Algeria in 1899. His childhood took place in Algiers during the Belle Époque. As an artist, his work is part of Orientalism, and he is one of the painters of the School of Algiers. During the First World War, he entered the School of Fine Arts in Algiers. Paul Fenasse was a friend of sculptor Paul Belmondo. They were on the same bench at the Dordor Primary School in Algiers and later met at the School of Fine Arts. His paintings gained success quite quickly. The Society of French Orientalist Painters quickly took an interest in his works, which were regularly exhibited at the Salon of French Orientalist Painters in Paris. He traveled extensively in the Sahara desert and Aures, having been commissioned by the government to paint large tableaus of the region. Recipient of many awards, he painted until his death, in 1976.

Billings Public Library, 510 N. Broadway, will be showcasing the work of local artists PJ Smith, Ryan Brown, and Nikki Kostelecky.

Kostelecky has been creating art since the age of five. She finds inspiration in western landscapes and slow walks through nature. Nikki studied at Rocky Mountain College under Jim Baken and Mark Moak.

Brown paints beautiful pieces of abstract art with a modern western flair, utilizing and combining natural colors to create surreal landscapes. The sole objective of his work is to open a passageway to another world that will put the audience in a Zen-like state of mind.

Smith is an outside painter intent on capturing true light and accurate color representation in his pieces. PJ uses a pallet knife and thick paint to create unique pieces with captivating textures, hues, and edges. He believes both the beauty and harshness of nature are reflected in his style.

Each artist’s work can be found at The Frame Hut here in Billings!

Billings Symphony Society, 2820 2nd Ave. N., will be closed for the August ArtWalk.

Bishops Cuts/Color, 108 N. Broadway; welcomes local painter, Sam Gordon. For Gordon, art has always been something intriguing. Gordon said, “People were what I found interesting and, the more I get involved in this community, the less I see portraits. I want my paintings to convey the message that beauty is subjective and everything holds value; imperfections tell stories and history and that is what is beautiful”. Sam mostly does portraits and a few landscapes. You can find Sam’s work on instagram (@sams_artt_)

Ceilon Aspensen Fine Art, 113 N. Broadway #406. will be closed for the August ArtWalk

Collaborative Art Project, 201 N. Broadway. Join Canvas Creek Team Building, Valley Credit Union, and Big Sky Economic Development to create a mural together on the BACK of the Valley Credit Union building! The Alley between BSED (201 N. Broadway) and Park 3 Parking Garage (2nd Ave between 28th and 27th Sts.)

No creativity required! We want everyone to add a smiley face, a stick figure of just their name! Now, if you’re really creative….come on down and show off!

Art Walk will be happening so it’s a GREAT evening to hang out downtown!

Downtown Billings Alliance (DBA), 116 N 29th St. is hosting the Yellowstone County Human Trafficking Task Force Red Sand Project for the August ArtWalk.

You’re invited to join community members, businesses, local, and non-profit organizations to attend the ArtWalk for a human trafficking awareness event. Our community will gather to speak out and spread red sand around Billings as a statement to bring awareness to human trafficking and modern day slavery happening in every corner of our world. This years SPECIAL features include: Local victim service organizations Survivor and advocate artists and art. The average age a person enters into trafficking is 13 years old. Learn the dangers and signs both off and online and hear about the affects of trafficking on our society and where to ask for help. Be encouraged to Fight Back. To stand up and say something.

DBA is also doing Chalk on the Walk. Feel free to create a masterpiece using chalk within downtown. Bring your own chalk or purchase chalk at the DBA office between 2-4 p.m. on Friday. Stroll throughout downtown throughout ArtWalk to view all the chalk creations!

Electric Storm Gallery, 405 North 24th St. Please check for more information.

Taylor Evans opens Electric Storm Gallery

Gary the gallery cat mingles with pieces by local artist Jon Lodge at the Electric Storm Gallery. 

Global Village, 2815 2nd. Ave. N., features handcrafted items curated from all over the world.

Harry Koyama Fine Art, 2509 Montana Ave, showcases gallery works by Harry Koyama. Koyama’s paintings portray the quintessential American west through images of American Indian dancers, buffalo, grizzly bears, mountain lions, and other iconic images. His abstract expressionist paintings are highly sought by collectors, institutions and businesses across Montana and nationally.

Hedden-Empire Gallery, 206 N. 29th St., hosts local artist Tammi Fladager during the August ArtWalk. Fladager and her husband live in Northeastern Montana where she draws the inspirations for her works. Dabbling in all things artistic, her mediums include pencil, charcoal, colored pencils, water colors and heavy body acrylics. Typically her work can be found at the Shadows of the Past Art Auction in Choteau, Montana. Her artwork can also be seen scattered throughout Sheridan, Wyoming at the direction of the SAGE Gallery.

Recently, her talents have found her illustrating children’s books depicting real-life Montana Agricultural stories to include “The Noisy Ranch,” “What Do Ranchers Do?”, and “Carol Drives a Tractor.” Several more are slated to be published in the coming months.

Although art has been a part of Fladager’s life for decades, it has only just recently been the focus of her attention. Watch as her styles and techniques develop – you never know what she is going to come up with!

Jennco Design, 2905 Montana Ave. Come see us at Jennco Design for the August ArtWalk for a great lineup of artists including Jennco Design, Ruby Hahn, Elley Swan and Jaxson Davis will all be there with new pieces to show. So come to 2905 Montana Avenue from 5-8 and meet the artists and talk about your next piece of art.

Kennedy Stained Glass, 2409 2nd Ave. N. Visit the studio to see the beautiful vintage and newly restored antique windows that need to find new homes. These pieces will be discounted during the August ArtWalk.

Kirks’ Grocery, 2920 Minnesota Ave, features “Marla Goodman: Out of Hand: Misremembered Memoirs & Untouched Sounds,” which features paintings and mixed media work by Bozeman painter and performance artist Marla Goodman. Her work revolves around her 15-year obsession with the Theremin, an electronic instrument that is played without being touched. Kirks’ Grocery will also participate in Downtown Billings Chalk on the Walk. Chalk on the Walk is a community art project featuring artistic works created using the medium of chalk and pastels on the sidewalks of downtown Billings.

Le Macaron, 112 N. Broadway, hosts local artist Cheltsie Williams during the August ArtWalk.

Williams is an Elementary Art teacher at Huntley Project Schools, where she also grew up. She lives in Shepherd with her husband and young daughter. She’s has always loved horses, being outdoors, hunting, fishing and spending time with her family. She discovered the love of art from watching her father create beautiful chalk pastels and oil paintings. She then found her love of watercolor paints while attending MSU-Billings earning her teaching degree. Williams loves to paint things that she is passionate about but also loves bringing the joy of art to others by teaching and doing commissions. Williams always strives to challenge herself and enjoys learning new techniques and transforming her style. She’s looking forward to the next challenge and learning experience.

Le Macaron will also participate in Downtown Billings Chalk on the Walk. Chalk on the Walk is a community art project featuring artistic works created using the medium of chalk and pastels on the sidewalks of downtown Billings.

Magic City Makers Art Collective, housed at Sassy Biscuit at 115 N. 29th St. Magic’s City Makers Art Collective’s featured exhibit “Inspired by Great Artists” allows the viewer to step into a world where the past converges with the present and pays homage to the brilliant minds who have shaped the art world throughout history. Through a captivating array of contemporary artworks, this exhibit celebrates the influence & legacy of renowned artists from various periods & movements. Prepare to be enthralled by the creative fusion of past & present as our featured artists draw inspiration from the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, & many more. Each piece on display is a heartfelt tribute, reflecting the indelible impact these great artists have left on the canvas of time. As you enjoy the exhibit, you’ll witness a captivating exploration of diverse styles, techniques, & artistic visions that have been reimagined & reinvented in the modern context. Magic City’s Makers curated selection showcases the talents of both emerging & established artists, each with their unique perspectives on the enduring influence of the masters. Discover how the legacy of great artists continues to inspire, challenge, & shape the ever-evolving world of art.

Prepare to be inspired, captivated, & moved as ‘Inspired by Great Artists’ takes you on an artistic journey like no other. Join us in celebrating the unbreakable thread that connects the past to the present & immerse yourself in the timeless allure of artistic inspiration.

McCormick Cafe, 2419 Montana Ave., please check for more information on happening during the August ArtWalk!

Robert Tompkins Fine Art, 115 N. 28th St. Ste 304. Robert Tompkins is an impressionistic oil painter. Subjects vary but all work bridges realism & abstraction. Florals, landscapes, Native American & animals are represented. Galleries in Montana & Stapleton Gallery locally.

Sandstone Gallery, 2913 2nd Avenue North, features local pyrography and mural artist, Rilie Tane’ Zumbrennen, as well as Sandstone members Teresa Brown, Jennifer Baretta, and Willian Crain.

Sandstone Gallery will also participate in Downtown Billings Chalk on the Walk.

Artist Rilie Zumbrennen

Artist Rilie Tané works on a mural at the Grand Building at 1st Avenue North and North 27th Street this week. Tané is an art teacher at Elysian School and was commissioned to produce the mural.

Rilie’s fine art burnings and burned hats are displayed across the United States and in New Zealand. She has painted many murals for businesses and homes across Montana, the giant bison on the Jake’s Downtown building is a shining example. As an artist, she is interested in creating works that allow viewers to relate to the same extent as her involvement in each piece.

Artist Rilie Zumbrennen

Artist Rilie Tané works on a mural at the Grand Building at 1st Avenue North and North 27th Street on Monday. 

Brown discovered her love for art while taking a painting class from a neighbor at 10 years old. She is continually challenging herself and exploring all sorts of mediums as a source for finding her own style and as a way to express herself through her art. She has painting classes locally and several online courses and loves to share her journey and process. Through the use of color, values and vision she brings the subject of her painting to life. She sees art as a way to bring forth a memory or a feeling and her goal is to bring beauty to the world through her creations. She is able to open a window for the viewer to enter and experience the subject as it flows around them. She is inspired by her experiences and the beauty of Montana. Teresa captures the essence of wildlife and nature with the goal to produce an emotional response and a feeling that even in the smallest detail, nothing is taken for granted.

Baretta grew up in Jackson, Wyoming and from an early age she had a knack for creating art. She has a degree in fine arts from U of Wyoming and that is where she found her ability to create pottery. She loves sharing her love of clay with others in her studio and travels far and wide. She is inspired by her surroundings and feels there is a painting in everything she sees.

Crain is our 3rd featured artist. He moved to Billings in mid 2005 to be closer to his daughter and joined Sandstone shortly after arriving. He has been an artist and stone carver for most of his life, owning and showing in Galleries from Jackson, Wyoming to Los Angeles. For Will, art takes place when one applies an inner urge to express one’s interpretation of “whatever” within parameters. He is a direct stone carver, meaning no drawing is necessary and he works with Carrara Marble and alabaster.

Snook Art Company, 2420 2nd Ave. N., will be closed for the August ArtWalk.  

Stephen Haraden Studio and Gallery, 2911 2nd Ave. N., STE. 235. Some artists scatter detritus onto canvas then try to convince the public that they have created art. Stephen Haraden works that way. 

This House of Books, 116 North 29th Street, hosts local Billings photographer Kristin Logan Mayer for the August ArtWalk. Kristin’s photography expertly captures the textures of the world around her. Mayer said, “My photography is the way I share my deepest self. I am attracted to patterns and textures and hopefully presenting a view that others may not see. Through the support of my family and friends, I am able to share the world through my personal lens.”

Stop by This House of Books for conversation, photography, and to pick up a book or two!

Tyler Murphy Studio, 111 N. 30th St., is closed for the August ArtWalk. 

Jon Lodge

Artist Jon Lodge is shown in his Billings studio.

Valcana Elupt, 212 N. 29th St., is showcasing the permanent installation of mixed media artist Jon Lodge. Lodge’s site specific installation at Valcana Elupt emulates the meditative mind fused with technical and chemical process of an elegant salon. Viewers may stop in during business hours and during bi-monthly ArtWalks. Hours are Tuesday and Thursday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; closed Sunday and Monday. 

Lodge grew up in Red Lodge, Montana in the 50s and 60s. His visual art relates to his work as a jazz musician and photographer on the east coast in the 60s and 70s. Simple materials such as carbon particles, graphite and gesso form intricate patterns that generate abstractions of nature rather than portraying just how nature looks.

Valcana Elupt - Jon Lodge - Phase-Lock Loop_Waves, Curls_Coils_.jpeg

The inimitable Jon Lodge will display work at Valcana Elupt during ArtWalk. 

Selected solo exhibitions include the Missoula Art Museum, Missoula, MT, University of Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie, WY, Montana State University Art Museum, Billings, MT, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Ketchum, ID, Nicolaysen Art Museum, Casper, WY, Paris Gibson Square Museum, Great Falls, MT.

Western Heritage Center, 2822 Montana Ave, please check for more information on happening during the August ArtWalk!

Yellowstone Art Museum (YAM), 410 North 27th Street. hosts their annual Art Auction Exhibition Opening Celebration rom 6-8 p.m. Take a first look at the artworks that will be available for auction during The Night Gala event. Hosted during First Friday and ArtWalk, this celebration will include many artists from the auction itself, as well as festive drinks, food, and music. This event is free and museum admission is always free on First Fridays from 4-8 p.m. 

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