Arlington PD investigates 17 vehicles vandalized with racist, vulgar graffiti


An expanding investigation into racist and vulgar graffiti on as many as 17 cars in Arlington, all hit just a few hours apart on Saturday. Arlington detectives believe the incidents are connected.

Dexter Smith started his Saturday just before 6 a.m. when he stepped out of his home on Safari Trail and walked to his car on his way to work.

“Disbelief, I couldn’t believe it happened actually,” Smith said. “I’d seen but I really hadn’t paid attention to it until I got close and was like ‘what the heck’ and then it was all sprawled right over the back all over here and then it went down the side.”

His Corvette is cleaned now but the memories of the racist and vulgar graffiti that covered his car and his brother’s pickup truck will take more than oven cleaner to remove.

“Then it had KKK, then it had another foul word on the back,” Smith said pointing out the damage to his brother’s Ford F-150. “Then it had the N-word on the very back of the truck.”

Turns out what happened to Smith’s two vehicles happened to as many as 15 other vehicles in the south and east part of Arlington early Saturday, according to Arlington Police.

Surveillance video outside another home captured a white minivan pull up alongside an SUV parked on Moorhead Court and at least one person exits out. The camera doesn’t capture the vandalism but the damage to the SUV was still clearly visible more than 24 hours later.

Arlington PD on Sunday evening said the incidents are random, adding the victims are multiple races, genders and ages.

Smith said his family is the only Black family on his block and feels like whoever vandalized his vehicles knew he lived there.

“I feel we were targeted,” Smith said.

He added he hopes with cameras capturing the suspect vehicle, police will be able to make an arrest soon. “Somebody knows who they are,” Smith said.

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