MUMBAI,  India, April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NMIMS Balwant Sheth School of Architecture (BSSA) was delighted to host the OPEN STUDIO – SAGRADA FAMILA, BARCELONA program on 20th April 2023, featuring renowned architect Pau Millet Lopez. The event was a productive opportunity for architecture enthusiasts at BSSA to learn about the history and design of the Sagrada Familia, for which Pau Millet Lopez played a crucial role in coordinating the technical office. Attendees engaged in a Q&A session with the architect, gaining valuable insights into team management, leadership, professional practice, structural engineering, and sustainability.

Sagrada Familia is a world-renowned large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Spain designed by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Its construction began in 1882 but was delayed due to funding and other issues. The project is ongoing and is expected to be completed in the early 2030s with several architects and builders working to realize Gaudi’s original vision for the church. Pau Millet Lopez’s experience and involvement in the construction of the church in the 2000s transformed him, creating a belief in the creative potential of all individuals and fostering a collaborative environment.

Pau Millet Lopez also highlighted the importance of collaboration and involving all stakeholders in the design process, including engineers, workers, and those with a good imagination, to achieve successful outcomes. The event received enthusiastic participation from students and faculty members and provided an excellent platform for students to learn from a distinguished scholar and practitioner in the field of architecture.

NMIMS BSSA remains committed to offering its students opportunities to learn from professionals, explore the latest technologies and concepts, and enhance their knowledge of the dynamic field of architecture and design. The school is enthusiastic about organising more events and programs in the coming days and is eager to witness their impact on the future of architecture and design.

About BSSA:

Balwant Sheth School of Architecture focuses on various modes of architectural education, research, and practice, emphasising the ever-changing ethos, behavioural sciences, tools, and techniques, and assimilates all in contemporary design expression. The school offers holistic exposure and understanding through Art, History, Technology, Architectural Design, and Construction process.


SOURCE NMIMS Balwant Sheth School of Architecture (BSSA)

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