Amazon Joins Forces With Mojo Melee, Grants Prime Subscribers Exclusive NFTs And In-Game Currency


Amazon has partnered with Mojo Melee, a popular online game, to offer exclusive benefits through its Prime Gaming portal. 

What Happened: The offering includes a free package that grants Prime subscribers access to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and in-game currency upon creating a new player account.

Mojo Melee, an NFT game built on Ethereum ETH/USD scaling network Polygon MATIC/USD, developed by Mystic Moose, is known for its unique take on the “auto battler” genre, combining elements of chess and real-time strategy games. 

In a departure from its usual in-game progression system, where players are required to reach a certain character level to mint champions as NFTs, Mojo Melee has introduced an early opportunity to own an NFT right from the start.

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Why It Matters: The first offering through Amazon Prime Gaming includes an NFT for the champion character, Gwyn Rockhopper, along with 885 units of Ore, a non-crypto, in-game currency. 

Prime subscribers can claim this package by simply creating a new player account for Mojo Melee via the Amazon Prime Gaming portal.

This partnership between Amazon and Mojo Melee is set to last for six months, during which Prime subscribers can anticipate monthly drops of free in-game NFTs and additional exclusive content. 

Amazon Prime and Mojo Melee did not respond to Benzinga’s request to time, at the time of publishing.

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