AI in Commercial Real Estate


Why You Won’t Want To Miss This Commercial Real Estate Event:

What You’ll Learn From This Digital CRE Conference:

  • How CRE developers, owners and operators are implementing AI into their respective projects, strategies and asset classes.
  • What types of properties and real estate firms are best suited for AI integration, and how best to tackle it.
  • The tools developers and operators are creating with the help of AI to further customer and client success.
  • The tallest barriers to integrating new AI technologies into real estate practices, and how to overcome them.
  • The impact of AI and broader technological advancements on broader CRE economics, and what leaders can do to prepare.
  • Where AI-adjacent technologies like Large Language Models and Machine Learning fit in CRE, and how these tools inform broader AI CRE adoption and use.
  • How real estate leaders balance the adoption of AI with concerns against privacy and user data.
  • Where and how CRE experts can track and model for success in AI integration.
  • What the next six months (and years) look like for AI in commercial real estate.

How You’ll Do More Business From Attending This Summit:

The permeation of AI into the broader commercial real estate landscape has brought with it equal parts challenge and opportunity as leaders look to embrace the technology and prepare for the future. When equipped with the proper strategy, today’s owners, investors and developers of all asset classes can see their teams and properties flourish, with everything from enhanced tenant experiences to complex data analyses now made possible. 

But against the backdrop of the growing desire to augment workplace responsibilities with these new capabilities, questions remain on everything from successful implementation to ensuring tenant and company privacy along the way. How are today’s CRE leaders across multifamily, industrial and more adopting AI to facilitate operations? What are the best practices for implementing successful digital transformation strategies in existing commercial real estate operations? And what steps can developers, owners and operators take today to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow?

Join Bisnow in conversation with CRE leaders on the AI trends, tools and technologies shaping the industry.


Fellow Webinar Attendees Include: Owners, developers, investors, brokers, business consultants, architects, engineers, designers, lawyers, accountants, bankers and city and government officials.

Why You Should Attend This Session: 

Bisnow’s digital events convene the biggest power players in the industry to help you grow your business across a complex market. With engaging discussions, exclusive insights and the largest and most equipped audience in the field, Bisnow’s unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of the market makes attendance a value add for any CRE professional. 

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