AI-generated nude photo of Lansing artist causes concern

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming more prominent–and capable–every day.

But there are some potential issues, like becoming the unwitting object of a stranger’s digital art.

One Lansing artist said someone online used AI to create and send at least one nude photo of her.

“I posted a picture of myself fully clothed, and here is the same picture of me nude,” said Mila Lynn, a local painter.

She said she never thought she’d be the inspiration for someone else’s art.

“This is not somebody I know; I’ve never met this person. I don’t have any contacts or mutual friends with them,” she said.

Lynn said she gets messages all the time from people who want her to paint.

Last week, she got an inquiry on Facebook to paint a mural in Detroit.

“And then the conversation turned into if I do modeling, or whatever, and I told them, no. That’s not something that I do.”

Then the person went on to tell her he had found photos of her online.

She then received a photo AI-generated of her, completely nude, which she said was done without her consent. It was generated from an original photo, taken of her fully clothed.

“Because, it’s not like I posted an inappropriate picture. Someone could be like, ‘Oh, cover up more,’ or whatever. But I’m clothed in the picture. I don’t know what to do.”

She went on to report the person’s Facebook page who messaged her the deep fake photo.

AI experts say instances like this happen often.

“In the last week or so, we have seen more reports where as a society, we’re starting to think about how to regulate AI,” said Michigan State University professor Maria Molina. “We can have an image or a video where if it’s created by AI, maybe it has a watermark or something like that. It might be a little bit easier for us to detect the truthfulness.”

Lynn said she isn’t sure who’s responsible for the AI-generated image of her.

But she hopes that speaking out will help bring awareness to how AI is being used to exploit others.

“If you don’t know somebody, and they have pictures of you that they shouldn’t have, I feel like you should report it,” she said. “Regardless of how embarrassing it is.”

Someone online used AI to turn a fully clothed photo of artist Mila Lynn (right) into a nude photo of her, posting it online (left).

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