7 extraordinary superyachts designed by famous architects

Foggy, as this yacht is called, got its name from the designer’s initials: F-O-G, for Frank Owen Gehry. Though it may sound a little self-indulgent, it makes sense when one learns who the client was—Gehry himself. According to Dezeen, Gehry is an avid sailer and often often draws inspiration from sails when designing buildings—besides the Guggenheim Bilbao, take Foundation Louis Vuitton as another example. Working with naval architect Germán Frers, the sloop is made from larch wood with a glass lattice work on the deck. “I never had the resources before, and once I did I was busy doing my buildings,” the architect told Town & Country in 2015, speaking on his lifelong dream of designing a boat finally coming to fruition.

Flagship, Zaha Hadid

Vitruvius Yachts

Until recently, it was assumed that the Unique Circle Yachts were Hadid’s only nautical designs throughout her career. However, in early January of this year, it was announced that the architect had also worked with Vitruvius Yachts to design a new ship for the British Royal Family. Though the project, which was originally put into motion by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has now been called off, it’s exciting to see what could have been. “All design contributors were keen to capture the essence of UK heritage and embrace a forward-thinking and innovative approach to the design of the flagship with sustainability at the core,” Vitruvius’s website states.

B60 Sloop, John Pawson

Known for his minimalist take on design, John Pawson’s stark white sailboat, called B60 Sloop, sits firmly within his design vernacular. The vessel is a result of a collaboration with Milan-based yacht designer Luca Brenta, and it features a 60-foot carbon fibre hull and two striking white sails. “The project’s functional goal is to create the ultimate day-racing yacht, built for recreational rather than competitive purposes, but with the highest levels of manoeuvrability,” Pawson shared in Dezeen in 2008.

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