20 Midjourney Alternatives to Try in 2023


Shutterstock.AI is an easy-to-use, AI-generated picture creation and editing platform. OpenAI and LG support it and employs images from Shutterstock that have been gathered inclusively and ethically. Simple words and verbs and more elaborate descriptions can be used in the picture search function. Emotional language and visual signals like camera styles and perspectives are also discussed. Users can quickly create AI photos and modify them with the help of Shutterstock.AI’s Creative Flow platform. This paves the way for individuals to generate original, personalized graphics from their imaginations.


The Artbreeder is a revolutionary AI-driven art-making tool. There is a thriving AI art community where people may share their creations of collages and spliced photos. Users can use the Collager tool to construct a quick collage out of shapes and images and then describe it in response to a question. Then, Artbreeder will bring it to life, opening up a world of visual discovery and the opportunity to create one’s paintings, portraits, and landscapes. Splicer is a tool for creating new photos by combining and editing existing ones. They can share their creations and keep up with their favorite artists by following them. Concept art, historical reconstructions, and music videos are all being made with Artbreeder. There are a variety of paid tiers, from “free” to “Champion,” each with its own set of perks like the ability to upload and download high-resolution images and animation frames.


Stablecog is a free and open-source artificial intelligence image generator that employs Stable Diffusion to create professional-grade artwork. It is available in several languages and is made to be user-friendly. The tool’s many features and customization possibilities make it suitable for making digital artwork, including anime, 3D renders, animated films, and 3D comics. The program also includes a “Pro” edition that provides access to premium features and enhanced graphic customization options. It’s a fantastic program for whipping up eye-popping images in a flash.


Using cutting-edge AI and the free, quick, and unfiltered Mage stable diffusion tool, users can create anything they can dream about. Stable Diffusion v1.5 and v2.1, Openjourney, Analog, DucHaitenAIArt, Deliberate, DreamShaper, Double Exposure, Redshift, Arcane, Archer, Disney Pixar, SynthwavePunk, Vector Art, Pixel Scenery, Pixel Characters, Anything v3.0, Eimis, Waifu, Grapefruit, PFG, Realistic Vision, F222, and PPP are just some of the AI models included. Photorealism, 3D art, NSFW, and fantasy are just a few of the many uses for each model. Aspect ratio, steps, instruction scale, seed, negative prompt, and privacy are just parameters customers can tweak.


Users can generate images from various AI models with a single query utilizing the multi-model image generator tool. The program allows users to access multiple image-generating models for varied uses by providing outputs from 15+ models. More possibilities for image generation are promised, but for now, the tool only shows results from three models: Openjourney, Dreamlike Diffusion, and Stable Diffusion. This utility saves users the time and effort to execute each model individually. The created images have several potential applications, including but not limited to the creation of interesting visual material, promotional photos, and scientific studies.


Create photorealistic photos with the help of Lexica Aperture, an artificial intelligence tool. It includes a straightforward, user-friendly interface that lets you adjust several image properties to your liking. You may customize everything from the proportions to the text and the colors. The image can be changed in even more specific ways using the advanced settings option. Users can customize the AI’s image-generation prompt using their wording. In a short amount of time, Lexica Aperture can create highly accurate and detailed photorealistic images. It’s a potent instrument for making visually appealing works of art and advertising and other uses.

Synthesys X

The Synthesys X is a potent tool for generating one’s renditions of any web image. Its goal is to facilitate the growth and expansion of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs by lowering entry barriers and giving them a solid foundation to build a successful Software as a Service (SAAS) enterprise. Users can do their original works in as little as three hours with Synthesys X’s high-quality software and white-label rights. Sales pages, demonstration videos, and promotional materials are all included to help consumers get started immediately. Synthesys X provides many options, including AI-powered video solutions for branding, explainer films, training, education, presentations, commercials, avatars, voices, and cloning your voice.


Leonardo.Ai is an AI-powered platform that enables users to create stunning visual assets with remarkable speed and style consistency.


The artificial intelligence model Craiyon (formerly DALL-E mini) allows users to create graphics responding to textual cues. A free online tool with an intuitive UI, it can be used to quickly and easily create beautiful photographs. Craiyon’s artificial intelligence was developed using a model inspired by the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) and trained on a massive corpus of images and texts. Craiyon is capable of producing both straightforward drawings and intricate works of art. The model is meant to be easy to understand and provide pictures corresponding to the text input. In addition, the model may produce artwork in a wide range of aesthetics, from cartoonish to photorealistic to abstract. The model can generate larger images, although this may take more time.


starryai is an AI art-generating program that turns text into a piece of digital art. You can get it for nothing on both iOS and Android. The straightforward interface lets you provide a text prompt and receive an AI-generated piece of art in minutes. starryai provides a large variety of models, styles, aspect ratios, and starting images for you to work with. Starryai allows you to make as many as five artworks per day, free of charge, watermark-free, and with full ownership. In addition, starryai is constantly updated with the most recent advances in AI to ensure that your projects always look and perform their best.

Deep Dream Generator

The Deep Dream Generator is an artificial intelligence-driven photo editor that automatically generates stunning photos with a button click. The tool’s three primary features—Text 2 Dream, Deep Style, and Deep Dream—are built on the Stable Diffusion deep learning, text to picture model. Text 2 Dream is a tool that takes a text prompt or text prompt and a base image and produces a fantastic artistic creation or photorealistic image. When an image is submitted, Deep Style, an improved version of Deep Dream, uses its knowledge to determine and apply the painting style to the image. Scientists and engineers created Deep Dream, a hallucinogenic and abstract art to understand better what a deep neural network sees in an image.


With the help of artificial intelligence, BlueWillow can generate a wide variety of photos in a short amount of time. Input a prompt, and BlueWillow will do the rest of the work for you. Logos, graphics, digital artwork, and photorealistic scenes are all within BlueWillow AI’s capabilities. Regardless of prior knowledge or skill level, everyone should be able to pick up and utilize the tool easily. You’ll have four photos for any purpose in less than a minute. BlueWillow is safe and secure, and its developers are working hard to provide the greatest AI for creating images possible. There are several opportunities for those interested in machine learning and state-of-the-art technologies. Come to the Discord to try your prompts, make graphics, and find help.


Fotor’s free AI Image Generator lets you easily create stunning visual representations of your words in various artistic styles. The generator can create artificially created images that resemble ‘ magic-wand’ type art based on the user’s input. Users don’t need any design skills to use this program to turn text into an image. Fotor is a picture editor with AI-powered capabilities, including an AI Image Generator. Photo editing features such as resizing, cropping, and bordering are also available. Fotor is more than just a photo editor; it also includes graphic design and advertising tools, such as a logo generator, a flyer creator, an Instagram post creator, and a YouTube thumbnail creator. The AI Image Generator is an easy-to-use tool for creating images from text without the requirement for professional graphic design knowledge or experience.


With the help of GETIMG.AI, users may easily create new photographs, edit existing ones, and even stretch photos beyond their original dimensions. The suite can be used immediately without the need for any prior installation. Text to Image, the AI Editor, DreamBooth, and the rest are just a few of the tools included. If you want to make an image or piece of art out of the text, you can use the Text to Image tool, and if you’re going to fill in the blanks in a photo or make it bigger than its original dimensions, you may use the AI Editor. DreamBooth lets you make AI models from the 10 photographs you provide. Users can generate up to 100 photos every month at no cost, and they can make more by introducing their friends and followers to the suite.


PicSo is a free app and web service that uses artificial intelligence to generate custom digital artwork in various genres. It offers a no-risk demo that lets you transform your thoughts into oil paintings, NFT works of art, and more. Users can turn their written thoughts into works of art with the help of the app’s Text to AI Art Maker function. In the Community Showcase, you can view various works created by other community members. Furthermore, PicSo is available on mobile and PC platforms, facilitating data sharing between gadgets. Conveniently, there’s a mobile app available for both iOS and Android. PicSo provides a safe environment for its users and answers any questions through its Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Community Contact Us pages.


Prodia – AI Art and Music is an AI application that facilitates the usage of AI in the artistic process. Analog V1, Anything V3, Anything V4.5, Ellldreth’s Vivid Generate, TheAlly’s Mix II, and SD 1.4 are just some AI-generated art alternatives in this tool. Users can express their individuality through the arts by selecting these AI-generated templates. By creating an account, users can speed up the creative process. Prodia is a platform for artistic expression and listening to music composed entirely by computer algorithms. Unfortunately, Javascript needs to be enabled for the MVP version of the tool to function properly. If you’re interested in learning more about Prodia and connecting with others, you can join the Prodia Discord server. Those curious about the potential of artificial intelligence in creating art and music can check out Prodia – AI Art and Music.


IMGCreator.ai is an artificial intelligence program that can generate any image from text. It provides many possibilities, from photographically accurate blog post images to imaginatively rendered illustrations or animation. Your text prompt is a source of inspiration, so providing as much information as possible will generate a better image. You may customize your image with IMGCreator’s many features, such as the ability to change the canvas size and reference strength to create the perfect anime, art, or photo. It also includes a fast and easy way to produce many duplicates of the source image. Bringing your ideas to reality has never been simpler than using IMGCreator.

Open AI

Open AI is a non-profit whose mission is to make the most advanced AI models freely available to the general public. While they attempt to achieve this goal, visitors to their website can utilize a built-in tool to create any image they can think of. Users can upload an image they like and get a computer-generated version using the image generator. Although the website doesn’t say it explicitly, these photographs were probably created using some artificial intelligence or machine learning system. In addition, there is a disclaimer on the site explaining that by browsing the site, the user is giving their consent for Google Analytics to track their anonymous traffic data. The website also features a copyright notice, which states that it is illegal to replicate or redistribute Open AI’s website or tools without the company’s express written consent.


NightCafe Creator is an AI Art Generator app that lets its users make incredible pieces of art with the help of computer programming. It provides several different ways for artificial intelligence to generate artwork, such as neural style transfer, which can transform a photo into a work of art, and text-to-image AI, which can generate an image from language. Users can create, modify, and save up to 28 artworks per day at no cost using this software. It’s free to use on the web and Android and iOS mobile devices. The VQGAN+CLIP tool in NightCafe Creator lets you make art based on a text prompt, and the ability to blend several styles is another one of the app’s distinctive features. Power users can use features like mass creation and download, replication, evolution, and scaling. People from many walks of life can find acceptance and assistance in the NightCafe community, which shares a passion for the artistic possibilities afforded by artificial intelligence.


InstantArt is an AI tool that lets people make unique artwork in a matter of seconds, and it’s available for free, limitless usage, and stable dissemination. Over 25 well-tuned models allow users to create virtually anything without cost. Modern users can use the tool’s many features and customization possibilities to explore their imaginative potential fully. It’s capable of producing photorealistic 4k renders, intricate 3D environments, and hyperrealistic works of art with dynamic lighting and fantastical elements. It also includes advanced capabilities like Rembrandt light, global illumination, and complex landscapes. And with InstantArt’s many features, like dynamic lighting and volumetric lighting, users may create portraits, illustrations, and other works of art in high-resolution (8k) 8k format. Users of InstantArt can experiment with various painting and drawing techniques, such as oil painting and cell shading, to produce one-of-a-kind works of art.

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