15 Best Flash Comic Books – Get Your Fix of the Scarlet Speedster

Looking for a fast-paced superhero adventure? Check out our list of the best 15 Flash comics! From classic stories to modern twists, we’ve got everything you need to satisfy your need for speed. Don’t miss out on the Scarlet Speedster’s thrilling exploits! Did your favourite Flash comic make the list?

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With Warner Bros and DC’s The Flash standalone film set to release in a little over a month from now (despite all that is wrong with Ezra Miller), many are still excited about the movie. So naturally, some enormous fans of The Flash might not be able to wait another minute, let alone another month, before they get their fill of the speedster hero. Of course, the best thing to do in the meantime is to hit the comic books and read up on everyone’s favourite Scarlet Speedster The Flash. However, with so many DC comics and storylines involving the character, which is the best option to spend your time and money on?

Whether it’s Barry Allen or Wally West, we will list some of the greatest comics to check out, where you can explore the best Flash stories. Naturally, not everyone is well-versed in the world of comics; therefore, many of the works included here will be appropriate for beginners. Of course, other comics will directly continue a previous story and might take a deeper dive into the character’s history/lore.

So, without further ado, here are fifteen of the best comics to keep you occupied until The Flash movie finally hits cinemas.

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15. The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2022-2023)

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2022-2023)

To commence this list with something new, The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive by Kenny Porter and Ricardo López Ortiz is a direct movie tie-in. This means that the story being told in the series fits into the official DCEU live-action film universe. As this is a limited series, there are only three volumes out. As such, if you are looking for a quick read and you have seen all the DCEU movies up to this point, then this is a great starting point if you do not want to get too deep into the thick of things.

In terms of storyline, The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive takes place after Justice League (2017) and is a lead-up to the upcoming film. A new villain is arising in Gotham City, and Barry wants to home in and master his powers. Of course, he turns to Batman for advice on how to do this and how to overcome the threat the menacing Girder poses. With only 48 pages to get through, this is an extremely quick read and will probably make for an enjoyable one, too, if you do not think too deeply about it (or compare it to some of the others on this list).

14. Flash/Impulse: Runs in the Family (2021)

Flash/Impulse: Runs in the Family (2021)

With 16 issues and a 376-page count, this will surely keep you occupied for the span of the following month. Written by Mark Waid and Martin Pasko alongside the input of other talented artists, this novel will have you explore the story of Barry Allen’s descendant, Bart Allen. Of course, this is not that simple, as Bart is from the 30th century and is ageing extremely fast. Upon landing in the present time, this futuristic kid has a lot to learn about the real world.

With the help of the Speed Force zen master, Max Mercury, Bart (better known as Impulse) sets out to make a name for himself as a superhero in the 20th century. Targeting towns such as Manchester and Alabama, he tries to keep them safe from villains such as Gridlock and White Lightning. We even get a storyline wherein all the speedsters, including The Flash, lose their abilities. Although hardcore fans may not enjoy Bart’s character, this is the perfect way for younger audiences to explore the mantle of the Flash.

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13. The Flash: United They Fall (2019-2020)

The Flash: United They Fall (2019-2020)

With 184 pages and 12 issues, this comic by Gail Simone will satisfy you for a few weeks. The comic follows two collections of stories in the form of the first wave, The Flash Giant running from #1 to #7 and the second wave, The Flash Giant, which runs from #1 to #5. Originally published as a Walmart exclusive, this series is perfect if you do not want to delve into the prior history of the character. Also, if you prefer Barry to Wally, then this is for you.

We follow Barry Allen and Iris West while on a relaxing cruise. Of course, there is no rest for the heroes, as their vacation is cut short by King Shark attacking the ship. How will the speedster save the passengers on the ship while in the middle of the ocean? Furthermore, we see him take on multiple Rogues such as Mirror Master, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, and Captain Cold.

12. The Flash (2015)

The Flash (2015)

Geoff Johns created one of the best runs for The Flash when he brought us this comic book series in 2000. With Book One collecting The Flash #164 to #176 and The Flash: Iron Heights into one, this 448-page read will keep you busy for a while. Although this book is perfect for first-time readers, long-time fans of the character can also jump right in and enjoy it. Unfortunately, while Geoff Johns has a fantastic run with the character, it does take one or two arcs before things begin to kick off.

For this slow burn, we follow Wally West as he breaks through space and time, entering a parallel Earth that mirrors our own. But, as to be expected, there is a catch; Speed Force does not exist in this world, and neither does The Flash. So, with no means to save himself upon being disconnected from his power source, the hero finds himself hunted by the law, with his only allies being from his Rogue Galleries.

11. JLA: Year One (1998)

JLA: Year One (1998)

Yet another work by Mark Weid for this list and re-imagines the origins of the Justice League of America. Taking place in a rebooted Post-Crisis universe, this comic explores the entirety of the Justice League but features some great plots concerning The Flash’s introduction into the JL. As such, you get an awesome experience reading about how the group came together and became a team.

Here, Wonder Woman does not exist in this version of the DC universe, being replaced by Black Canary. Furthermore, Batman and Superman are pushed to supporting roles instead of being the group’s main members. As a result, we see Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Hal Jordan, and Barry Allen become a team under Black Canary. Generally, JLA titles would be a great start to exploring The Flash in a team-based setting, with some fantastic action to match. However, this one specifically focuses on each team member’s story, which many fans felt was a fan read.

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10. Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985 – 1986)

Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985 - 1986)

This crossover comic book was written by Marv Wolfman and pencilled by George Pérez and explored DC’s Multiverse alongside the Silver Age Flash. The premise for this story stemmed from the introduction of Anti-Monitor in Wolfman’s 1982 The New Teen Titans. The events of this story lead to the entirety of the DC universe being rebooted, splitting most storylines into the Post-Crisis and Pre-Crisis era. As the first in the Crisis Trilogy, this story was followed by the Infinite Crisis (2005–2006) and Final Crisis (2008–2009).

As Anti-Monitor is unleashed on the Multiverse, he tries to destroy each version of Earth he comes across. Although Monitor tries to unite heroes around the Multiverse, he is defeated , but Spectre successfully unites them. While there will be many epic battles, hundreds of heroes will be destroyed. This includes the death of Kara Zor-El, the original Supergirl, and none other than Barry Allen, the Flash of the Silver Age. This is perfect if you would like to explore the hero on a larger scale, with bigger stakes being risked.

9. The Flash: Wally West Returns (2022)

The Flash: Wally West Returns (2022)

Taking place between The Flash: Finish Line and The Flash: Eclipsed collections and follows The Flash: Blink of an Eye story arc. With the first collection, we follow the run of Jeremy Adams and an arc written by Kevin Shinick. Covering 280 pages, this selection will be a great way to keep busy until 23 June 2023. And also, if you are a big fan of Wally West’s Flash and want to see more versions of the hero, then this is a great read that will follow a darker narrative.

Leading up to the events of DC Universe: Rebirth to Heroes in Crisis to Dark Nights: Death Metal, Wally West is ready to call it quits. And this is following various traumatic events in the DC Universe, with Kid Flash also deciding enough is enough. With all these heroes wanting to walk away from the superhero lifestyle, Barry Allen is left needing his sidekick more than ever. The collection follows The Flash #763 to 771 and The Flash 2021 Annual #1, consisting of ten entertaining issues to keep you on the edge of your seat.

8. The Flash Vol. 1: Lightning Strikes Twice (2016)

Lightning Strikes Twice (2016)

As yet another reboot for the character, Joshua Williamson, Carmine Di Giandomenico, and Ivan Plascencia bring us a 2016 course corrector and a bunch more of The Flash. If you are a fan of The Flash TV series, then chances are, you will love this version of Barry Allen. Unfortunately, he is very messy and terrible at what he does; this fits the shtick pretty well. Of course, since we see other versions of the Scarlet Speedster, this makes things that much more enjoyable.

We explore Barry Allen as he discovers more about the Speed Force, the source of his speedster blitz powers. Of course, a series of events ends with him unleashing the Speed Force across the city, striking criminals, police, and civilians alike. And now, stuck with the aftermath, Barry is tasked with training this new wave of speedsters, so they can learn to control their abilities. With some hilarious moments, awesome action, and real heart, this is a great way to prepare for the upcoming film.

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7. The Flash (1987)

flash comic books

As Mark Weid’s first take on the character, it is easily one of the best currently out there. Under his pen, Waid brought us a version of Wally West, who was maturing into a hero in his own right. We also get to see him learn from Barry Allen upon gaining abilities similar to that of his hero. With Book One spanning the length of 6 issues and a total of 368 pages, delving into the thick of things with The Flash and Wally’s origin story has never been more fun.

We follow Wally West as a child visiting his Aunt Iris and her dull and ironically tardy fiancé, Barry Allen. Things take an interesting turn when Wally discovers Barry is The Flash. Things become even crazier when an accident in Barry’s lab grants Wally with speedster powers similar to the heroes he looks up to. Now, not only are The Flash’s enemies after him, but he also must deal with the side effects of his newly gained abilities.

6. The Trial of The Flash (2011)

The Trial of The Flash (2011)

If you really want to keep yourself occupied while reading one of the most popular Flash runs in DC comic history, then be sure to check out Carmine Infantino and Cary Bates’ take on the iconic hero. With a whopping 588 pages, this graphic novel grants us one of the greatest appearances by the Reverse-Flash, while following a heartbreaking narrative for our beloved Barry Allen. As a result, not only will we get a ton of action, but an immense amount of drama to keep us entertained until we get to see the Scarlet Speedster on the big screen.

Here, we follow the narrative wherein Iris West is mortally wounded by the Reverse-Flash, Barry Allen’s greatest foe. The result is a head-to-head racing battle to the death for the evildoer of this story, followed by The Flash being charged with taking a life. A series of events leads to the appearance of the Rogue Gallery villains, who decide they want to get revenge on Allen for mortally wounding one of their own. With tumultuous events building to an epic climax, this is one comic you do not want to miss out on.

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5. The Flash: Rebirth (2011)

The Flash: Rebirth (2011)

With many going into this and expecting to despise it, fans ended up being pleasantly surprised instead. Whereas we have already covered a version of Wally West’s origin story as he took on the mantle of the Scarlet Speedster, it is only fair to explore Barry Allen’s origins (re-origin?). Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver, many believed Barry Allen should have stayed dead following the events of the Crisis Trilogy. However, Geoff brought an amazing run with this comic book.

With the same team who brought us Green Lantern, they now re-introduce Barry into the DC universe. Naturally, the team brought their A-game, delivering a jaw-dropping mini-series spanning the length of six issues. Now, being brought back in the 21st century, the greatest version of the Scarlet Speedster is struggling to find his place. In an ever-changing world, how will The Flash find his place in this new world?

4. The Flash: The Death of Iris West (2021)

The Flash: The Death of Iris West (2021)

With the fantastic work of illustrators Alex Saviuk, Don Heck, Irv Novick, and Rich Buckler, we explore the events leading up to The Trial of The Flash. Covering issues 270 to 284, this book has a decent 271-page count that will keep you glued to your screen/comic all day. Then, taking another dark twist, we see Bates exploring how Barry Allen would deal with his worst nightmare.

Following the death of Iris White, it becomes apparent that no matter how fast the hero can run, Barry cannot escape his worst nightmare. But, of course, he can use his speed for hunting him down and getting revenge. Although he does not know who committed such an atrocious act, he stops at nothing to find out.

3. The Flash: Year One (2019)

flash comic books

Written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Howard Porter, this comic series brings us an exploration of Barry Allen’s origin story. No, not the re-origin/birth, but the actual story of how the hero came to exist. Working as a forensic scientist at the Central City police station, it is up to Barry to catch criminals after they have committed their crimes. Naturally, he feels stuck as he cannot stop the action before it happens.

One night, everything changes when lightning strikes, and he emerges doused in chemicals after being electrocuted. And then, he discovers he has amazing speed coursing through the atoms of his being. Now he must learn to harness and control his newfound abilities but has finally gained the power to make a change.

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2. Flashpoint (2012)

Flashpoint (2012)

As one of the best Flash narratives out there, it is no surprise that this graphic novel took the number two spot on this list. Again, Geoff Johns brings us an incredibly deep delve into Barry Allen and his unexpected journey into an alternate reality. With the 2023 edition set to release soon, it is only fair to check out this comic, especially with the upcoming film on the way.

When Barry Allen wakes up at his desk, he finds himself in a world mirroring his own. Except, deceased family members are now alive, and his friends are strangers. Quickly, he realises that the world is on the brink of a cataclysmic conflict, but a crucial element is missing. Where are Earth’s greatest superheroes to stop the chaos?

Fans believe it to be one of the best Flash comics of all time.

1. The Flash of Two Worlds (2009)

flash comic books

This amazing comic allows us to see Barry Allen team up with his predecessor, Jay Garrick, bringing us the work of Gardner Francis Fox, John Broome, Carmine Infantino, Joe Giella, Sid Greene, and Murphy Anderson. There is no doubt that this is the best of the best when it comes to The Flash comic books, hence its seat on the number spot of this list.

With the first appearance of Garrick in the comic, you will be on the edge of your seat with excitement. If ever an epic team-up were in order, this would be it. It gives us a feeling similar to the upcoming crossovers of live-action Batmans spanning many decades. This is a great build-up to the forthcoming movie we are all highly anticipating in June 2023.

It’s been described by many as one of the best Flash comics of all time.

What is your favourite comic book story involving The Flash?

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